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I am a life coach, speaker, and workshop leader. Through my work, education, and training, I am able to help people find their authentic life purpose

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I am a life coach, speaker, and workshop leader. Through my work, education, and training, I am able to help people find their authentic life purpose and goals. I am also a certified yoga instructor because I love the practice.

My name is Shira. I am a certified yoga instructor, life coach, and meditation teacher. I practice meditation, hatha yoga, and the teachings of many of the great teachers throughout the world. I also run a website, life-coach.com, where you can find more information about how I help people live life to the fullest.

I believe that an individual is really only as strong as his or her mental abilities. Meditation, along with yoga, is a powerful tool for enhancing mental capabilities. The mind is able to change in many ways. Sometimes, this allows us to understand our true potential more clearly. For example, in the past I have learned to love my job more, and I have come to love the people who work in it as well.

I’m not a doctor. I’m just a self-proclaimed Zen master. I’ve meditated for nearly ten thousand hours, and I’m currently working on writing a book about zen. My goal with this blog is to help you figure out what kind of life you want to lead. I’ve already written two books. I’m a recovering writer and I hope to do so again.

I have also recently figured out my true potential and have decided to write a book about that. It could be called “Zen and the art of living life well.” If it gets picked up by a publisher, I’ll be able to tell you exactly what it is.

I wanted to write this blog, because I’ve wanted to since I was a kid. I’m currently working on it, because I have a lot of work to catch up on. I’ve also been reading a lot.I have been practicing zazen for over a decade and Im currently practicing zazen with a new teacher every few days.

I just finished listening to the podcast of Dr. Seuss, “Goodnight Moon,” and I’m going to be writing a book about that too. I’m currently reading a book that’s about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

I’ll also be writing a book about the importance of having good nights sleep. Im on the process of writing a book about how to sleep better and become healthier, and I plan on releasing it on the web in the next few weeks. I’m also going to be releasing another book about zazen, and I’m starting a blog about zazen too.

These are the kinds of things that I find are important to mention in this podcast to anyone who’s interested. To be clear, I’m not saying that you should be sleeping more or less or that you should not try to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep is important because it controls everything, so by not sleeping well you may end up taking it for granted. So we all need sleep because it is such an integral part of our health and wellbeing. You can either take it for granted, or not take it so much. So take it for granted, you can’t just sleep until you feel better. If you take it for granted, then you’ll sleep until you feel worse, and that leads to another cycle.