being a mom is the hardest job

I know. I know. I mean it. It’s hard. If you're a mom it's even harder. Because you are responsible for raising children. You have to be constantl

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I know. I know. I mean it. It’s hard.

If you’re a mom it’s even harder. Because you are responsible for raising children. You have to be constantly vigilant, and you have to be kind to them and love them if you want them to grow up and be good people. You can’t just be kind to your kids and let them do whatever they want, but you have to give them the best kind of life you can give them. So there are lots of responsibilities, and a lot of ways to screw up.

This is the most common problem I see with people who work as moms. Some of them have a very good idea of what they want their kids to do, but they are so wrapped up in their own feelings that they never think of how a child might react to a situation. We have all seen it time and time again, and I am constantly shocked that we are still alive.

Most moms I know are pretty amazing people. I don’t think they ever make the same mistakes that I do. I think they are so used to making all of their decisions for them and their family that they don’t realize how much they have to think about their own needs. Many times I’ve seen parents who have never really felt like they had a choice in the matter, but it’s simply because they never really gave it a thought.

I have to agree with this. I think it’s the biggest mistake to make when you are a parent. You don’t know what the best course of action is for your child. I know we are all worried about their safety, but you can’t be worrying about their safety if you don’t know what the best course of action is. I can’t think of a single example where I was the best person for my child.

It is something that is always on our minds. I often feel guilty about this, because we can be so focused on how we are going to make our children’ lives easier when in reality there is nothing more important than making their lives easier.

I’m sure you can think of many instances where you were a better parent than you were. But I am also sure that in many of those situations your child was the best child you ever had. And in many of those instances your child was the best child in the world. Because if your child is the best, then you are the best.

My sister and I were raised by very different parents. She was the youngest of a large family (we are all over 8 years apart) and my father was a world class alcoholic. I have many fond memories of my childhood and it is easy to see that being raised by these two people really did shape me. But I have also found that my own children’s lives were shaped a little differently.

Because my parents did not treat my sister as well as they did me, we were raised with differing philosophies as to how our parents were raising us. My parents were a very strict and rigid family. They had a lot of rules for our daily lives as well as a lot of expectations. This meant that I was more likely to get in trouble and get punished than my sister. This in turn has made me more aware of my own power and how to use it.

So when I was a kid I spent a lot of time trying to emulate my parents and get in trouble, but as a kid I was just as likely to get into trouble for doing the same thing. I think I spent more time trying to get out of trouble with my parents than I did trying to get into trouble with my sister. Although I am a lot more laid back than my sister, my sister gets in more trouble than I do.