can you get a government job with an other than honorable discharge

If you are a government employee, I am sure you know this. But I’m not going to go into the details. I’ll just make this a piece of advice that will

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If you are a government employee, I am sure you know this. But I’m not going to go into the details. I’ll just make this a piece of advice that will make you think.

That is right. If you are a government employee, then you are a government employee regardless of whether you are honorable or not. But if you are an employee of a company that has an honorable discharge, then you have to be honorable to be on that company’s payroll. Well, this is a bad idea because we are all employees of a company that has an honorable discharge when we get hired.

This is a problem because it means that the company would be able to fire someone who has an other than honorable discharge. Imagine if your company fired you because you are a woman, and had a male friend as a co-worker. Imagine getting fired for being a woman because that is the rules for a government job. This is bad because if you have a non-honorable discharge, then you are not allowed to be a government employee at all.

The problem is that the company doesn’t know whether a company discharge is honorable or not. But this is just a big ol’ problem. If we don’t get hired because of a discharge, then we can’t get hired because of a non-honorable discharge. It isn’t like the company doesn’t know who the discharge is for. If a company doesn’t know it’s a company’s discharge for something, then it’s more like a company’s hiring program.

I don’t really know. Maybe if I was with a company where I knew the discharge was honorable, I could tell the company I was with if the company didnt hire me because I was not there. But I have no idea how I’d go about it.

You could try your hand at a government position without being called an “other than honorable discharge.” The company could hire you based on your non-honorable discharge. If you want, you could go back and get your discharge corrected.

It would be best if the company that hired you had a non-honorable discharge, but that’s not usually the case at all; if you do have a non-honorable discharge, there’s really not a good way to get it. Instead, many companies hire former military officers or ex-military personnel anyway, because they have experience in government positions and therefore have the experience of being honorable.

So the reason why I would get discharge is because I’m a former military officer. I can handle any job I want. I have experience, I have good background, and I can handle any job that I want. But my background is very different from your military background, so I can’t do that. Even though you’ve got experience, you need to have good background and experience to get as many good jobs as possible.

Sure you can. I mean go to work for any government. Just dont do anything that you dont want to do. I got discharged for being a drug dealer. I didnt do anything that I didnt want to. I just made some mistakes and i didnt know how to handle it. So I had to go back to school. I didnt have any experience with that.

If you are a drug dealer, what I mean is you are on the front line of that drug war. You are the one that is trying to kill the people that are selling the drugs. You are the one that is trying to bring down the cartels. So being a drug dealer is an honest choice, but it may not be a good choice if you are not honest with yourself as well.