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This post was prompted by a comment that I have been seeing on Facebook. "I am currently searching for a part time tutor for a group of seniors in th

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This post was prompted by a comment that I have been seeing on Facebook. “I am currently searching for a part time tutor for a group of seniors in the area. I can not find anyone in this area that can help these senior adults with their life skills. I need someone who can help the seniors with everything from math to reading to life skills. I am willing to pay more than the regular rate. If you are interested in being my tutor, please contact me. Thank you.

I have seen this request before, and I will admit, it’s a bit surprising. In the past I have offered to tutor in the areas of math, reading, writing, and others. What makes me wonder is that the people that need these services have no clue as to how much time they are spending on these things.

The problem is that some of these services cost extra money. This makes it more difficult for people to take advantage of a free service. I can imagine that there are people that have been charged extra to take care of these things that are going to be more inclined to take advantage of an extra dollar. If you find yourself in need of something like this, I would encourage you to reach out to me. You can find my contact information below.

While I don’t typically recommend using any of the paid-for services, I do use some of them myself so I can give you the free stuff. To check out the job search sites I recommend, go to www.iredell.com/jobs.

You might be able to get a job at the school that you work at, or even the school you attend. Either way, I suggest you reach out to me so we can help you find the best educational opportunities for your skills and interests.

I’ve got a few suggestions for your use. First, a school that you are familiar with would be worth checking out. You can also check out www.iredell.comjobs for more information on schools.

Another one of my favorites is www.iredell.com. This website is the one that I created to help businesses find the best employees for their staff. The job search website is free to use, but you can get a lot of great information about what you can get as a guest at the site, including how to get hired and how to get promoted.

For a school that you are familiar with, it would be good to look for some on-campus job postings. This is because the schools that teach in Iredell may have something to offer. You can search for schools by state or city or even by specific cities that host schools. As for finding on-campus job postings, there are a few websites that claim to provide free online postings. Another website that I recommend is www.job.com.

Another site that you can use to look for on-campus job postings is www.careerbuilder.com. They currently show about 6,000 jobs on that site, but they have about 2,500 more just listed on the site. I would go with CareerBuilder, as it shows a lot of jobs that are related to Iredell.

The CareerBuilder site is a great resource for finding on-campus job postings, but it is a little dated as of a little less than a year ago. The site has a lot of older job postings, some of which may not show up on any other site.