A Wowsome Winter Style Statement – Smart Style Hacks to Dress Your Best During Winter


A Wowsome Winter Style Statement – Smart Style Hacks to Dress Your Best During Winter

We are in May, and it's a known fact that winters are far away! If you look around, most women are enjoying their summer-spring style trends. Does th

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We are in May, and it’s a known fact that winters are far away! If you look around, most women are enjoying their summer-spring style trends. Does that mean you shouldn’t talk about what will work in favor of your style this winter? Not at all. Creatures of style and fashion are always on the lookout to look their best. That means it might not be winter yet, but they will be busy finding out how the winter of 2022 will look for them as far as their style quotient goes. 

What comes to your mind when you think about winter? For most women, it’s a time to bring out their woolen garments to stay secured from the winter chill. It’s a season that spells intensity and calm at the same time. The primary colors of winter are dark. That means it’s time for the blacks, browns, blues, and perhaps the burgundies! Is that all you think? Perhaps not. Once you delve into the realm of styling, you will find that today, the stylists are coming up with new trends every season to urge people to create a look that leaves them surprised and happy. 

So, are you thinking about how to go about your winter-style ideas? If yes, here are a few tricks that will work in your favor. 

1. The hot pink blazers, shrugs, and the coats

We’ve been in a pandemic spell for the past few years! Life has been surrounded by waves of new virus variants and a never-ending spell current. Now that people have got vaccinated and most of us are gaining herd immunity, the designers and style experts thought it’s time to break the prolonged gloom. And what better color than hot pink! That seems to be the color of the year and season. As you step out of your house, make sure to put on your hot pink outer layers. And decide how you want to manage your outer layer? For instance, you can opt-in for the long coats in pink or the pink blazers if you want. And if it’s just the onset of winter and the weather still retains its warmth partially, you can choose the pink shrugs. Wear it with your denim or solid color dresses. When winter is at its peak, you can pair a pink outer layer with a black dress. The contrast will make you gain many a glance. 

2. It’s time for your hat game

If you need to cover your head during the summer from the harsh sun rays, you need to do the same during the winter months. However, you have to secure your head from the winter snow, chilly winds, and other harsh elements here. So, choose a hat that is both stylish and robust. And the best choice here is the cowboy hats women. Most people used the cowboy hat because its sturdy and lasts for several years. When it’s about protecting you from the winter cold wind, this hat will do its job to perfection. That is not all. The designers have come up with attractive hat variants that can enable you to up your style statement this winter with this hat. For instance, if you want to attend a party with this hat, choose a leather or a felt cowboy hat that has an animal or snake printed hatband. Additionally, you can also add feathers to the hat that will bring in a light-hearted charm to an otherwise intense winter look. 

3. Neon colored bags

It seems that the designers want us all to plug into the brighter elements of life! Hence, the neon shade is making much progress in the style domain. From tops to bags, the neon shade has a long way to go. If you love to carry oversized sling bags, choose a neon shade that will make itself visible even in a dim setting. The neon bag will act as a great comparison if you have a fetish for dark winter colors. Also, you can choose a neon baguette in crocodile print for parties and other similar occasions. 

Last but not least, you need to say yes to the corset belts! These belts add an extra ounce of glamor to your winter ensemble. Today, there are reputed brands that are providing the best corset belts. If you want a reasonable option for it, choose the one that caters to your budget. If you are wearing a corset belt, you need to wear shoes that match with it. Usually, casual boots or high-heeled boots are the ideal choices. But you can choose the one that comforts you the most. When you plan your winter attire, keeping in mind the new style trends, you will look different from most and have a memorable winter that spelled style and chic in many ways.