How Are Video Resumes Becoming More Popular With Recruiters?


How Are Video Resumes Becoming More Popular With Recruiters?

The world is becoming more updated with each passing day. Things are changing beyond our thoughts, and old ideas are replaced with innovative ones. P

The world is becoming more updated with each passing day. Things are changing beyond our thoughts, and old ideas are replaced with innovative ones. People are becoming more skilled with the help of the internet, and all these things are happening because of the pandemic.

Every existing thing has a good and a bad side; the pandemic is also a part of this system. It had so many bad things, but it also taught us many life lessons. It taught us things like how to cope with difficult times and survive.

And correctly using the internet is one of the lessons people learned.

In the 90s era, employees had to seek a job from building to building with a resume in their hand, and now you can get a job by sitting on your couch and drinking your favorite coffee. It’s all about the skills you are using.

And now, one of the trending skills to get a job is creating your video resume. We are sure you have heard it before, but if you are not, read this blog mindfully to get ready for your next job with the help of video CV.

What is a video CV

Video CV is the recorded video form of a CV rather than a written form. In this case, the candidate has to record himself in front of the camera and mention himself and their skills, basically all the things they would mention in a written cv.

Now you have a clear idea of video CV, the next thing you need to know is how to make one. Keep reading till the end to create a good video resume for yourself. 

How to make a video CV

A video resume is easy to make and less time-consuming, but how you can make the quality one is the big question. Well, there are a few ways to overcome your doubts. We have outlined a few tips below. 

Outline: Outlining the content in your mind before making it is always the best way to decrease the trouble. It also helps to make better content and takes less time.

Script:  After the outlining, make a script of the video. Keep it short and informative. Try to make the script crisp and to the point, don’t use too complicated words; it doesn’t make you smarter. Remember the key points and practice the dialogues in front of the mirror 2 to 3 times, or as much as you want. Try to sound confident and speak clearly.

Presentation:  Don’t forget to look professional and presentable. Because a video resume has many differences from a written resume, the recruiters will watch you, and it is none less than an interview. So you need to keep your eye on the presentation. Use clean washed clothes, and wear your formal. Don’t use cosmetic products too much, and keep your hair formal and neat.

Filming and editing: All your hard work will blow away if you can’t film it clearly and edit it properly. No one is interested in watching a hazy and poorly edited video. It will irritate the recruiters and make a bad impact on you. So use a good quality camera and good editing software. If you can’t edit, seek help from your close ones or hire an editor.

Background: Choose a minimal background. If you are shooting it in your house, use a single-colored wall. A white wall will be perfect. Or you can decorate the background with good books and some flower pots to make it look more professional. Using books can create a good impression on you, and using one or two flower pots will make you look fancy and a nature lover.

Sound: Don’t just rely on the internal audio system of your camera. Use an external mic. It will not clear out your voice, but it also makes you look more professional. We’re sure these tips will help you to make a good VR.

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Why are video CVs getting popular among recruiters?

As we said earlier, the pandemic has changed the way people use the internet. Watching the success of TikTok, all the social media sites started to promote short videos over anything, and that’s how short videos are getting more popular day by day. In that way, recruiters also want to see something creative in their candidates, and that’s why most of them are now promoting video CVs. They want to see the creative side of their employees.

Video CV represents the candidate at his face value, which impacts the first impression. Recruiters can judge them based on their creativity and presentation. They can see how a candidate handles the conversation smartly and so on.

Recruiters get bored with handwritten CVs, where a video CV can entertain them.

Study shows that 89% of employers are interested in video CVs, whereas only 17% have watched them.

The study says the main reason why employers are interested in video resumes is they can observe the candidate’s presentation and behavior. 

Though a video CV can be useful in any industry, there is some specific industry where it can work as a goldmine. Industries like acting, content creation, singing, dancing, musical band, social media management, YouTuber, graphic design, etc., are the best platform to showcase your creativeness with a video CV.

Final words

If you are wondering to take a step forward to this, you can go. Because there are so many plus points to make you stand out from the crowd, ask first before submitting the resume. Because there can still be some industries that would prefer a traditional CV over anything. But there is no doubt that video CVs will get more famous day by day.

Hope this blog has cleared out all your questions regarding the video CV. Now it’s time to show your talent. We hope the tips given above will help you get your dream job and move forward to the success you want.