What is an Online Social Work Degree?


What is an Online Social Work Degree?

Online social work degree programs usually include the general education requirements (such as reading, writing, and math) required of all students t

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Online social work degree programs usually include the general education requirements (such as reading, writing, and math) required of all students to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university. 

Some how to sell online courses programs may also include specific coursework on social justice, human behavior, and psychology and the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree such as those offered by California State University – Dominguez Hills. Degrees typically take three to four years to complete and require students to complete a minimum number of credits each semester or quarter.

How Much Does an Online Social Work Degree Cost?

Costs for online social work degrees vary from program to program. A few will require a minimal upfront fee, and others may have a small application fee. Community colleges and private schools may offer a limited number of certificates or associate’s degrees with reduced tuition due to financial aid programs. Students may be able to complete the program in three years with part-time enrollment. Costs for these programs are typically less than bachelor’s degrees but vary based on the school and type of degree received.

What is the Career Outlook for Online Social Work Degrees?

As of 2012, licensed social workers working in community and social service agencies made an average salary of $43,600 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The most common jobs for online social work degree students are community service workers, case managers, and therapists. For example, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Lissette Garnier states that she has found work as a social worker at several Veteran Affairs Medical Centers.

What Are Some Online Social Work Degree Alternatives?

Some students pursue other degrees related to their career interests. For example, students with a bachelor’s degree in social work can go on to study for a master’s degree in public administration, accounting, or counseling. Students who become licensed clinical social workers can also earn a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in social psychology from the University of Michigan.

 In addition, students with a bachelor’s degree in another field can consider earning an how to create an online course master’s in public administration from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. This program also prepares students for a career in public administration by providing opportunities to work at the federal, state, and local levels.

What are some Online Social Work Degree Resources?

There are many resources for students pursuing an online social work degree. Online students may benefit from using the social work degree calculator created by the National Association of Social Workers to help estimate the cost and time it will take to earn an online degree.

 Other helpful resources include social work blogs, social justice blogs, and information about online degrees on websites such as Fastweb’s Social Work Degrees Online in 2015, Alltuition’s Online Program Reviews Directory, and College Specific’s Database of Online Colleges with Social Work Degrees.

How Do I Apply for an Online Social Work Degree?

Most online social work degree programs have their own admissions application requirements. Generally, students will be asked to submit their high school or college transcripts, SAT scores, one letter of recommendation, and an essay or statement of intent. 

Students without a high school diploma may have to submit a GED score report. Some schools may require students to take an online placement test or administer exams to determine the level of coursework needed before actually beginning coursework.

Online Social Work Degrees: What are the Advantages?

Some of the advantages to earning your online social work degree include:

  • 1. To Fit Your Schedule
  • 2. To Save Money
  • 3. To Work with a Flexible Schedule
  • 4. To Pursue Your Passion
  • 5. To Work for Yourself
  • 6. To Earn Continuing Education Credits
  • 7. To Earn a Degree in Social Work
  • 8. To Work for the Government

Scholarships for Online Social Work Degrees

There are a variety of scholarships available for students majoring in social work. These scholarships may be offered on a state or national basis and may have a deadline as early as six months before the end of the semester. Prospective students should research these opportunities early in their college careers. 

Some scholarships are offered by institutions with social work programs, while others are available to students without prior social work training. For example, SUNY-ESF has a national scholarship program for students interested in careers in social work, with application deadlines ranging from Marching to May 1st.