Why Seamless Search? Background Checks


Why Seamless Search? Background Checks

Building an extraordinary group begins with a confided-in accomplice that conveys the simplest and start-to-finish pre-business historical verificati

Building an extraordinary group begins with a confided-in accomplice that conveys the simplest and start-to-finish pre-business historical verification work process in the business.

Computerized Workflows – Seamless Search makes you stride by step through a consistent paperless work process. Easy To Understand – Our verifications are straightforward, clear, and simple to audit.

Straightforward Results – Advanced information designing, quality confirmation, and industry-driving information sources convey solid outcomes with a debate pace of <0.1%

Historical verifications are Not Created Equal:

What are business criminal individual verifications, seamlesssearch.net, and how does crime affect personal investigations for bosses? Getting a total image of a competitor’s criminal history is much of the time surprisingly intricate. At Seamless Search, we make it simple for you to make exact, proficient, and educated employing choices through a mix of vigorous arrangements, assets, and innovation.

  • Record verification administrations, permit you to:
  • Uncover more crime
  • Acquire direct admittance to additional US criminal records
  • Convey more exact outcomes by keeping up with elevated degrees of value controls by separating and reviewing at each step

Convey quicker criminal indexed lists to you to get recently added team members to work sooner. Assist you with alleviating risk with our consistence empowered highlights

The Seamless Difference

Our innovation conveys brings about hours, not days. We join progressed exclusive innovation with the human touch to give great outcomes, propelling our quest for ceaseless improvement and a consistent employing experience. For instance, our immediate innovation empowers us to extend our computerized admittance to court records. By utilizing helped and expanded knowledge, we offer imperative enhancements in completion time. We complete 70% in the initial 15 minutes, 79% in the main hour, and 90% on a primary day for the criminal foundation look.

Innovation with a Human Touch

Consistent Search doesn’t simply utilize innovation alone for our investigation administrations. Our specialists and specialists utilize a consultive way to deal with applying innovation in the most proper ways to convey the excellent outcomes that we are known for. We assess information at each step of the crook screening process, diminishing the chance for mistakes to happen.

Our cutting-edge innovation is planned with administrative consistency as its establishment by applying channels to help arrangements with government and state revealing necessities. Our influence helped and increased insight since we accept people and innovation can and ought to constantly collaborate.

We Should Work Together

All in all, what precisely contains a historical verification? All the more explicitly, how are our screening administrations unique? Consistent Search foundation administrations are intended for the present current worldwide labor force. Our hearty set-up of foundation screening administrations can be custom-made to accommodate your particular business needs and prerequisites.

Why Drug Test?

Whether you are expected to test or decide to test, it is a fundamental piece of screening. Most work environments choose to attempt to relieve risk and advance a more secure work environment. Consistent Search offers a medication testing program for each industry, from our masterfully evolved Department of Transportation (DOT) Program to our Line Builder Program, to our client-explicit adjustable arrangement. Everything begins with the assortment site, so we did also. We are hanging around for you with 23,000+ in-network areas, guaranteed lab accomplices, and in-house ensured clinical audit officials.

Recruiting Remotely?

Consistent Search permits you to flawlessly plan your organization’s boundaries given administration, cost, and satisfactory distance. Our facility scorecard will empower us to screen all our medication testing centers to guarantee legitimate cycles are followed and briefly eliminate centers that don’t fulfill our severe quality guidelines. With our Electronic Chain of Custody Form process, we have better admittance to support our clients in any area. Our strategy works on your competitors’ insight and diminishes your time from the deal begins!

  • Individual Wearing Headset
  • Clinic Employees
  • Kinds of Drug and Health Screening
  • day in and day out Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion testing
  • Liquor Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Moment Drug Testing
  • Moment Drug Testing Products
  • Electronic Chain of Custody structures
  • Full Coordination Services
  • Hair Drug Testing
  • Clinical Questionnaire
  • Clinical Review Officer (MRO) Services
  • Word-relateded Health Services
  • Purpose in Collection Testing (POCT)
  • Spit Drug Testing
  • and that’s just the beginning